What a great way to travel with all your belly dance bling without tangles. Of course something with bigger sections may be needed for a lot of us! How do you travel with your jewels? Any great tips to share? Please comment below.jewellery idea

Happy Mother’s Day to all my belly dance friends!

It is a beautiful thing to be able to belly dance with friends and an absolute joy to dance with family. Hope your Mothers Day was wonderful.

bellydancers, mum marguerite hackett, with jacqui & baby maeve forest, l jensen

3 generations of dancers! An old picture but a good one. Happy Mothers day everyone :) Photo by L. Jensen.

Egypt’s love-hate relationship with ‘Belly Dance’.

I keep writing belly dance articles and natural make up reviews and not finishing them off! Very soon I will put up a few, in the mean time enjoy this excellent article and feel free to comment below.

Dirty Dancing in Egypt – NYTimes.com.

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