Children’s parties & birthdays!

Belly Dancing is fun for ALL ages! That’s why hiring a belly dancer for you child’s birthday party is a great choice. Belly Dance is an ancient dance form that is suitable for kids too! It started as a folk dance is still remains closely tied to this tradition.

Entertainment can be tailored to your needs but a typical party would start with a short 5 -10 min performance, then the children are provided with a coin belt to try out the moves they just saw. A fun kids belly dance class follows, then the kids have an option of trying supervised sword balancing (if the  parents are ok with it)  or trying the delightful ‘Wings of Isis’.

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Still unsure? Read this Recommendation from the Repton School Principal after Jade taught for 2 terms at the school

“Students showcasing their talent through bellydancing has increased self esteem amongst the girls. It is an activity that is accessible to all ages, sizes and levels of ability. This makes it a very appealing physical activity for even the most reluctant students.

I highly recommend Jade Belly Dance to other schools and community groups as it is professionally delivered, structured to suit the needs of all participants and cost effective.

 Yours Sincerely

Sally Ryan”

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