Free – Learning Belly Dance by DVD

Can Belly Dance be learnt by DVD?

Yes and No!

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and affordable Belly Dance DVD’s on the  market these days. With the internet, websites and youtube having gained so much popularity in the last decade or so there is so much to choose from particularly if you are wanting to learn American style Belly Dancing. All you in need is a dvd player that is unlocked and the world is your dancing oyster. Even more recently there are free classes, downloads and DVD’s available online. BUT can these resources substitute for face to face class time?

It is my belief that they augment your dancing and add new ideas but can never really replace the experience of class time. It can be really tricky to know if you are doing a move correctly for example. Having a teacher break it down and specifically alter the instructions to help you best understand can help you progress so much quicker and saves you from having to later un-learn sloppy technique. Classes have their own sense of fun and learning with others can be a really uplifting experience.

SO do we simply ignore all these wonderful freebies and cheap well produced dvd’s???  NO of course not. Let’s embrace both!

My hot tip for getting the most out of your online purchases and downloads is to set up a mirror right next to your tv or computer. This helps you check that what you are doing looks the same as what is being taught.

OK so whats free at the moment – check out the cheekygirls website.

It has a free downloads page that is currently showing the entire ‘Flawless Floorwork” DVD by Ruby. I already own this DVD and think its great. It starts with a pilates exercise routine to help you develop the core strength required to execute some of the moves presented later. This is not a DVD I would recommend for beginners but the initial pilates bit would be beneficial to anyone and you can still enjoy her dancing. The page also gives you snippets of other great DVD’s they offer – so enjoy.

Youtube – always worth a look. Although quality of instruction varies considerably, there is much of value here. Try typing in ‘how to belly dance’. There are also great performances you can watch.

All that should keep you happily learning for a while….

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