Urgent! Belly Dance DVD SALE – cheeky girls

Ok, I had to pass on the news. You have less than one day to take advantage of the cheeky girls sale. Its 40% off everything! Plus shipping to Australia is only $10. I am a big fan of many of these dvd’s, they have great stuff for beginners to advanced. The only bad news is how much money you will want to spend when you see so many interesting titles. Better yet pick what you want and get someone else to buy it for you as a chrissie present!

Cut and paste this link


sign up for newsletters, then browse the dvd section pick what you want and then use code: holiday sale

at the check out.

NB, it will only give you the big discount if you sign up to the site but the time I have been a subscriber has been great. They don’t send you heaps of annoying crap just the occasional – ‘check out our new DVD’ or ‘here is a huge discount’.

I do not have any connections to cheeky girls and make no money from passing on this info, just want to pass on the savings!

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