Common Arabic Words in Songs with Houda

Coffs Harbour’s best kept belly dance secret- Houda!

Born in Lebanon during turbulent times, (so turbulent in fact that her birth wasn’t recorded!! ), this local belly dance teacher is not well known outside of Coffs Harbour.


So if she is so good, why doesn’t she have youtube clips showing her countless choreographies, why isn’t she gracing all the local stages here and further abroad?

Well the answer is quite simple, where she is from, the dance is part of her culture, where it is a dance for women and danced  with other women; a dance where every woman is a dancer and she is to be celebrated. Houda  has been dancing since childhood, the dance that has been passed on from mother to daughter. Public performance does not feel right for her (though she doesn’t judge those that choose to). You can however catch her moves at women’s only bellydance events that are held sporadically in the area – but again not on the stage only on the dance floor. So is she worth getting lessons off? Absolutely, this gal doesn’t even have to advertise her belly dance class she is that good. There is something special about getting lessons off someone that comes from the culture and understands the lyrics!!! Houda’s belly dance classes have a gentle, authentic feel (not performance based) and her Arabic classes are personal and dance oriented. I highly recommend both. Houda is also available for private tuition and to run dance workshops (ladies only) or Arabic classes (commencing 10th of May 2012 for term2) for your event. Houda has been teaching in the Coffs Harbour area for many years on a Wednesday night at Cavanbah Hall 5.30-6.30 pm she can be contacted on 0421 220 499  email Her dance school is called Arabesque Bellydance. Houda believes in uniting all dancers in a sisterhood and promotes co-operation and supporting each other rather than competitiveness. Jade Belly Dance supports these ideals as well and is happy to promote Houda and the Arabesque Bellydance dancers.

5 Common Arabic words used in songs

Listen for these – you will be surprised how often they occur in belly dance music

Al Hobb – the love

Gamaal – beauty

albi – my heart

Habibi – my darling

Ammar – moon

Want more? Houda has made a list of the most common words that she will be sharing at her upcoming workshop. See below for more details. I am going, don’t miss out!

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