What belly dancers can learn from Justin Beiber.

I know, not a title I ever thought I would write! I have never been a fan of the Beiber and until last night the only songs I had heard of his were “Baby, baby, baby, Ohhh” and various parodies. So it was with some surprise that I found myself watching a small part of a Justin Beiber concert after accidentally discovering it while channel surfing.

Musically, I just don’t know how this boy became so famous, so fast. His voice does nothing for me what-so-ever, and yet he is a superstar. Perhaps he shows off the power and range of his voice in songs I haven’t heard yet and I am judging him harshly??? I don’t know, but what I do know is that boy is a natural entertainer on stage.

He backed himself 100%, he committed to what he was singing.

Jade Belly Dance

I love this picture of my gorgeous dance student Chloe – its her first performance ever and she is totally in the moment!

It is so easy as dancers to just learn the steps and then paste on a wooden smile, particularly in group pieces. Really hearing the music and showing how it makes you feel is whole different game. It is what makes the super stars – otherwise how the hell would Beiber be a house hold name??? 😉

Of course it is easier said than done but keep it in mind next time you are rehearsing a piece. Learn the steps first (or get an idea of what works for the piece if its improv.) and then keep practicing until you are comfortable enough with the music that you can naturally emote. What is the worst thing that can happen? Someone says “wow, you were really into that weren’t you?”. I bet you will get more compliments and be pleasantly surprised when you look at video footage of your next performance. Showing how I feel about dancing is something that I have been working on for a while now and am getting better at it, next performance I will see if the memory of the Beiber concert helps me put on an even better show!

Love to hear if it helps you out! Please comment below!

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