Super quick sword tip

If your belly dance sword doesn’t have grooves at the balance point, you can slow down the speed of it sliding by rubbing a bit of candle wax along the edge before a performance. Ultimately having good technique and balance is the only thing that will save your sword from falling but a bit of wax can give you the reaction time to catch it if it does fall. You can turn the quick catch into a move rather than risking the guard knocking you in the head ( which is both painful and difficult to cover). So far i haven’t dropped or slipped with my sword in performance ( practice is a whole different story 🙂 ) but the wax can give piece of mind, and that bit of extra confidence especially if you find yourself performing outside in a breeze.


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  1. Rasha Nour Bellydance
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 19:04:25

    Ah yes, the old candlewax trick 😀 I find this works pretty well, and I’d far rather use wax than go filing grooves into my lovely shiny sword!



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