Stuck with choreographing your next piece? Try this….

Another of my super quick belly dance tips. 🙂

Ever found yourself in the situation where you just can’t find the next move in your dance? Maybe you have half of it down but can’t link it up. Maybe you are stuck in the same movements? A little trick I have found that can sometimes lift the choreographers block is to stop dancing and have a short break, like maybe a cup of tea. Ok, so now you are probably thinking ‘Well that all well and good but I have to have this piece finished, that’s not really helpful!!’.

Jade belly dancer with broom

I don’t usually clean my studio in costume! A friend took this when I went to knock down a few cobwebs.

Luckily, that is only part 1 of the tip, the second part is to put on some really different music to whatever you are choreographing but that still inspires dance. For me that means I will let my kids put on some mainstream dance music (as opposed to my awesome world music) and then I will do something like start cooking dinner or sweeping the floor. This multi tasking helps you get your chores done but functions primarily to stop you over thinking your movement. I find myself starting to dance and without even realising it I have come up with a great new combination on my way over to the fridge or new take on an old move while sweeping the lounge room. Taking away the music you are attached to and associate with ‘having to dance’ and putting on something you really don’t care about at all can allow the creative well to express itself without pressure. And hey, if it doesn’t work for you then at least your studio /house is clean!

Try it and let me know if it works for you too! (Comment below)

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