Natural make-up review – Nude By Nature Blush

Want to look like a blushing beauty? As promised in my previous review of Nude by Nature cosmetics, here are the results of my trials with the Nude By Nature Virgin Blush.blush1


The loose powder is supplied in a pleasant circular 4 gram container with a brown screw top lid and plastic insert inside to help avoid spillage and over loading your brush i.e. it looks exactly the same as all the other Nude By Nature products which is a problem if you have more than one of their products. It drives you mental trying to work out which one is the blush, bronzer or mineral foundation. The lid only says ‘nude by nature’ on it and many of the products are in exactly the same size container. This means you have to pick them up multiple times to see what you are holding or have a strict order as to how you set them out and pick them up. It is extremely annoying when you are in a hurry. The screw top lid prevents spillage in transport but adds to fiddliness on an everyday application level.nude_logo


Anyone keeping up with my posts on Natural beauty products will realise that I am not a huge ‘Nude By Nature’ fan but I was pleasantly surprised with this product. From the outset I was worried it was a bit orangey looking in the pot. Wearing it however proved that it was quite a decent shade after all. It performed as well as compressed powders and mineral blushes I have used from mainstream brands like Revlon. It has just a touch of sparkle but still looks quite natural.

I just applied a bit more of it when performing and it lasted the distance well. I didn’t accidentally rub it off and it didn’t fade away. Overall, it is suitable for both everyday and performance use.


Using the excellent EWG data base I discovered that all listed ingredients to fall in the low toxicity level (0-3). This is excellent news, the toxicity does increases though if the ingredients are airborne and can be inhaled and with a loose powder this is always a possibility. This was my main concern with the foundation and it remains an issue. The blush is used in lesser quantities and it doesn’t go directly over the nose, so it may not be quite as a serious a concern as it was for the foundation.

My summary: 4/5

Product: Nude By Nature Virgin Blush

Effectiveness: 4

Packaging: 3

Safety: 4

Size: 4grams

Suitable for day wear: yes,

Suitable for stage: yes

Price: $19.95 AUD online individually but considerably cheaper in one of the starter packages or bulk deals.

Where can I buy it: Available at priceline, by phoning Sales: 1300 591 667 and online

I have no affiliation with Nude By Nature.

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OK this post is on Tuesday but I have been busy cyber stalking my photographer from the Sell out concert I held on Saturday!

Sneak peek at the great work Bruce Thomas did at Saturday's concert - now you know why I was so excited!

Sneak peek at the great work Bruce Thomas did at Saturday’s concert – now you know why I was so excited!

Do you have a favourite blush? Do you think the toxicity of blush matters as it is generally not applied directly to naked skin? Please comment below.

Natural cosmetics review – Vrindavan Perfume Oil

When I look at new perfumes I often wonder – ‘Do we have a safe scent for those that care for their health or yet another toxic cocktail?’ I one find almost all mainstream perfumes and synthetic scents quite nauseating. I feel sick almost straight away and the feeling doesn’t leave until I get away from the smell.

This review was born when I noticed a “natural’ perfume on the market by Vrindavan Organic and I wondered if I could tolerate it. I figure that I am the perfect person to try it on because I can tolerate most pure essential oils but not the cheaper ‘fragrance oils’.

I chose Himalayan Sunset – roll on perfume oil for this trial.


Vrindavan Organic perfume oil comes in slim glass 10ml bottles just a bit longer than a standard lipstick case. They have a black plastic lid and underneath a little roll on applicator just like a mini roll-on deodorant bottle.

The art work is unsophisticated but the shape and size of the bottle makes it quite convenient to put in your handbag, make up bag or glove box.  Actually it was the packaging that made me buy the product because my first thought was “Why would I buy that when I could just carry a bottle of essential oil around?” Then I realised that firstly, – some essential oil bottles leak when not upright and secondly this provided the opportunity to wear a blend without having to mess around finding and trialling small bottles. I carried the Himalayan Sunset oil dutifully around in my handbag for a week and happily, it didn’t leak.


Well I can’t compare this to standard perfumes because I can’t wear them but the scent lasted easily most of the day. I found it too strong a smell for me when placed around the nape of the neck or behind the ears but when I applied it arm pit level or lower I found the smell quite pleasant.

I chose the ‘Himalayan’ option as I prefer smells that are not too flowery however they had several other blend options in the display to suit different moods and tastes and currently have several blends on sale on their website (see below for link).

It is suitable for both everyday use and performance use. Using this will have you still smelling nice after your show even if you are sweating and your deodorant has let you down.


I couldn’t check the ingredients list against the EWG data base this time because it is undergoing a facelift and not available at present. I had to go old school and consult those dusty rectangular shapes on my bookcaseJ. Luckily I have 4 books on aromatherapy from my days of studying natural medicine.

Ingredients: Camellia, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Palmarosa and Patchouli essential oils

Modern felucca, sadly without the beautiful scented sails. The Nile, Egypt 2012 photo by Jodie Storrm

According to “Practical Aromatherapy by Penny Rich” Ylang-ylang is useful for calming tension, lifting negative moods and increasing sensuality! Probably not a bad one to include before a performance! Both ylang- ylang and patchouli oil are considered safe for home use she says. As far as the other oils are concerned they are not among the  most commonly used oils so information was scarce -I could only find nutmeg listed as common in centuries old recipes but as we use it as a spice in cooking too and have done so for millennia I am confident of its safety.

I also found out that Cleopatra not only wore essential oils but had the sails of her ship soaked in them to add fragrance to her travels. How divine!! 1 Choosing a perfume blend that is made of essential oil may be adding a whole new level of authenticity to your dance!

An actual allergy to the plant used in the oil would probably be the only danger but that is the case with any product.

Here’s what Vrindavan says of this product on its website:-

Certified organic Himalayan Sunset perfume oil is made with certified organic camellia oil and a Vrindavan Natural Body Care special blend of certified organic essential oils.

Not tested on animals

My summary: 5/5

Product: Vrindavan Perfume Oil

Effectiveness: 5

Packaging: 4.5

Safety: 4.5

Size: 0.15 oz

Suitable for day wear: yes,

Suitable for stage: yes

Price: $14.95 online or a different scent on special for $9.95AUD

Where can I buy it: I purchased this at the Bellingen Amcal chemist but it is easily available to anyone online

As with all my natural make-up posts to date – I have no affiliation with Vrindavan.

Liked this review? Jade publishes natural make up reviews for home use and stage mostly on Mondays.  Follow the blog so you can save money and buy what works best.

Do you wear perfume for performances?  What’s your favourite? Comment below.

  1. Aromatherapy by Judith Jackson

Natural product review Weleda sage deodorant

 A fine quality product from Weleda, the sage smells refreshing and is a nice change from the overly floral smells often marketed to women. It is also sufficiently androgynous a scent in our culture to appropriate for either men or women. It is comes in a 100ml glass bottle with spray nozzle. This makes it heavy and awkward for travel but so much nicer for home use.


The problem with it is that a situation doesn’t require much exertion before you are probably requiring another application if completely masking your scent is our aim. In winter, in a non sweaty job one could probably get away with one application in the morning however if it’s hot weather like Australian summers or you tend to be bit more sweaty, you would find it probably doesn’t perform as well as you might hope. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for stage. It’s not an antiperspirant which is good thing in terms of natural health. It is much better for the body because it allows it to sweat which is a natural process, detoxifying and cooling one down.  However as much as one has natural aspirations; if you are pouring sweat all over your costume before you go on stage is not a good look. So if you’re after an antiperspirant or strong deodorant look elsewhere. This product would be strong enough for everyday light use or if you’re willing to reapply several times in the day. It is a very pleasant natural scent, low irritant, high-quality product.


I found this a little dodgy – the ingredients are listed differently in 2 seperate places online, this list is the one on my package Ingredients:

Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum)*, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Coumarin*.

EWG gives this product a moderate rating (5) which is not great. The biggest concern seems to be possible allergies to the ingredients particularly the Limonene which is from citrus. I am not sure that is a fair rating as for instance I am sensitive to oats and almonds in natural products but that doesn’t make them toxic to the general population. The unnamed fragrance is more of an issue for me and I am pretty disappointed that this company doesn’t give a full transparent list of its constituents. I am sensitive to smells and generally have a problem with anything not based on essential oils so I am going to trust me nose on this one and state that I don’t believe this product to be harmful and that I think the ewg has over-stated the potential risk from this product. I mean it list the wild rose version of this product is next to the likes of BRUT. One makes me feel ill in an instant (BRUT) and the other has no negative effect on me (weleda).

Why I am going to back weleda despite the moderate rating by the ewg

Weleda products contain:

  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No synthetic anything

Weleda has contributed significantly to ensuring the quality of natural and organic cosmetics by assisting in the creation of a rigorous independent certification scheme. The non-profit initiative “NATRUE” was founded in 2007 by Weleda and other pioneers of natural and organic cosmetics in Europe. It ensures that in future, natural and organic cosmetics will meet the highest standards and that skin care products and cosmetics labelled ‘natural’ really are just that, no matter where in the world consumers are shopping. It meets International Biodynamic® standards and Kosher Certification and is a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade.

My summary: 3.5/5

Product: Weleda sage deodorant

Effectiveness: 3

Packaging: 4.5

Safety: 3.5

Price: $23.95 AUD

Size: 100ml

Suitable for day wear: yes

Suitable for stage: not really

Where can I buy it: In most health food shops in Australia including Kombu locally or internationally from

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