Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your dancing is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and escape from all that distracts you from the connection to your heart.

Bellydancing with Silk fan veils beach

Photo by R Conroy

Whether its your mind telling you you will never be good enough, politics among dancers, health, you are can’t think of the next move in a choreography or all the myriad of unhelpful distractions that could be in your way. I invite you to sprout a silky pair of wings and fly above the turmoil to get a clearer perspective. Even if you only manage for a few moments, it is amazing how many of those problems have melted away.

Jade xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Uplifting Veil

Jade dancing with one of Tamsin’s beautiful silk veils. Photo by Bruce Thomas

Sometimes it is so easy in dance to forget the space above you.

It’s important to connect to your audience but it is also nice to take them on a journey, to let them feel inspired by the music and to take them with you as it lifts you up to transcendent heights……

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Weekly photo challenge:Kiss

None of these pictures are professional they are just pictures of kisses at Belly Dance events but they are both funny and beautiful. I love all the love that people share during the weeks around St Valentine’s Day!

Crazy belly dance kiss

Back Stage – our drummer is happy he participated!

Belly dance family

Mother and Daughter belly dance

I am so lucky I have a lovely daughter that loves to join in all the dancing. This photo was taken by Sue Easter.

Do you have any photos of a Belly dance kiss? Please comment below and add a picture if you can!

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