Our first concert – a sneak peek at the sold out performance

The Bellingen and Dorrigo classes of Jade Belly Dance came together in December to put on a spectacular concert night. We were joined by the lovely ladies of Masana Belly dance from Grafton and we had a great time. It was a night for all ages. It was held in the small town of Dorrigo NSW at the super cute Dorrigo Drama Club Theatre. We were utterly stunned when the stage manager whispered to us that it was a full house – we hadn’t even had much time to advertise it!

Putting on a show is a lot of work and I have so much respect for those that do it regularly! I am putting up these photos for my students that have been away over the holidays and haven’t yet seen them. There is some excellent photography by Bruce Thomas and a few pics by Tammy Mills-Thom so I hope my regular readers don’t mind having a look too. Photos of the evening are available for $10 for disc (it includes many more photos than these in higher resolution) contact me on jadebellydance@hotmail.com if you are wanting some to keep.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate , Samira Tawfik’s dress

I had never heard of the Lebanese singer Samira Tawfik until Wednesday afternoon! I was invited by the Lovely Arabesque belles belly dance school to join their end of year party and I happily accepted. A lovely evening ensued with spontaneous dancing and even a debke line.
The evening also held an unexpected delight.
Khaleegy thobe of famous Lebanese singer
While standing with the other ladies on a local headland, dressed in our finery,  complete with a rainbow overhead – Houda produces the most amazing Khaleegy dress I have ever seen. It was a fine purplish pink chiffon with intricate floral patterns and lines all over it. The iridescent white sequins somehow gave it an almost Polynesian feel. The dress was in near perfect condition which is quite a feat for such fine fabric covered in so many potential snag hazards! You can see the reverse side of the fabric and the hand sewing through the head hole shown in the picture.Lebanese singer Samira
I asked Houda where she had gotten it and she told me this story.
“The dress /thobe once belonged to a famous Lebanese singer, Samira Toufic (aka Sameera Tawfic, Samira Tawfik). She wore it on one of her Sydney concerts in the late 70’s and it was put up for auction for charity. My father the famous Lebanese sweet maker from Sydney, bid and won it..it remained in our family till now and was worn by my oldest sister at her wedding ,, one of many that brides wear on their wedding day (in a traditional Lebanese Wedding)….Samira used to love singing khaleegee songs..”
Note how the spelling of Arabic words changes eg Khaleegy to Khaleegee / Samira to Sameera this is because written Arabic does not translate directly into Written English, therefore spelling of Arabic words in English vary enormously. It’s part of what makes it so tricky to find music. The singer may be known by a dozen different spelling variations. I looked up Samira and am pretty sure I have the right woman! Here is a youtube clip of her singing

Have you ever seen a Khaleegy dress quite like this one? Comment below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

The picture for today is not awesome in its quality (wish it were a bit better focussed!) but what I find interesting is that the reflection does not quite look like the subject and furthermore the shadow appears to be different again! It’s like a portrait of me, myself and I and we are all just slightly out of sync. It is not photo-shopped except that I took the window out of the reflection – the rest is as it was taken.

Belly Dancer in Mirror

Me, Myself and I

I am fascinated by reflections and have posted several of my favourite pics on that topic in previous posts like



This is a straight up photo post not my usual more informative post style because…..

Jade Belly Dance is all gearing up for the end of year concert on December 8th in Dorrigo NSW. It is sure to be a blast!

Organising the event has been taking up most of my time so posting will be a little less until next week. I just couldn’t miss this weeks photo challenge however.

Anyone else have mirror oriented belly dance photos? I would love to see them.

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