Want to win a Hallah Moustafa costume? This raffle is not to be missed!

Dear belly dance enthusiasts – here is an incredible opportunity to help animals in Egypt and have a chance to win incredibly awesome prizes!


  • 1 x Hallah Moustafa 2 piece costume (valued at $700 USD)
  • 1 x Hallah Moustafa Assuit dressed (valued at $200 USD)
  • 1 x “Fifi Galabeya” created by one of Cairo’s newest and exciting ateliers Sagaat Belly dance Costumes!!! 
  • Hathor Dance Studio 4 DVD Pack (quality Australian belly dance DVD’s)
  • Iman Zaki accessories
  • Folkloric Jewels (works for tribal costumes too!)

The raffle is to raise funds for the Touch of Life (no-kill shelter) in Egypt. 
Since the revolution the situation has become even worse for all animals in Egypt and they need all the help we can give them. ToL works tirelessly to help but are limited by space and funds….

Touch of Life is a Registered Charity Organization Established by a Board of Humanitarians
Presided and Managed by a French Expat who; was especially horrified by the miserable state in which animals had to live in Egypt.

After years of rescue and providing relief to tortured, or animals in need, it became obvious that in order to continue, and to make a significant difference in animal welfare, they would need to establish this organization with aim to increase their reaching capacity, scoop and complete our mission.

TOL care for a number of Blind , Deaf, Handicapped or Amputated…or Special Cases of strays and some breeds who were thrown in the streets with no chance of survival.

Sinbad - a horse recently rescued by ToL

Sinbad – a horse recently rescued by ToL

Rescued Cats

Rescued Cats

The organization is not funded by any governmental agency or charitable group and depend solely upon donations, sponsorships and it is currently funded through loans from the founders in Egypt, animals are suffering…

Caroline Evanoff (ex Sydney dancer) now residing in Egypt, volunteers much of her time in rescue and on going care for the animals at TOL. You can find out more about this organisation in this blog post.

Please consider buying some raffle tickets to help this much needed cause.


$5 for 1 ticket

$10 for 3 tickets

$20 for 8 tickets

Winners will be drawn 19th Dec 2013

Purchase tickets through Jrisi and Hathor Dance Studio – Sydney, Australia, if you are in Sydney otherwise Interstate people can also purchase tickets and pay directly by Direct Deposit to Caroline Evanoff. (you can friend her on Facebook!)

Please note: This raffle is currently only open to Australian residents. Also any interstate winners will need to pay for postage. This is a fundraiser after all.

However if you are one of my international readers you can still help the animals of Egypt by donating to the cause anyway. Check out these other great prizes! I want them all!

The Facebook page for this raffle can be found here.

I bought tickets – will you? What prize do you most wish you could win out of what is on offer ? Please comment below.

Cheap, easy bling for troupes or any dancer

Rarely do mainstream stores stock affordable, large or even slightly exotic pieces of costume jewellery suitable for belly dance. So imagine my shock when I found these items in K-mart of all places! Now there are many, much fancier options available for dancers. I have even custom made necklaces and jewellery for specific costumes. However these are easily available, cheap and available in bulk making them really great for students on a budget and troupes.  So scan below and head into to k-mart to fill in any gaps in your accessories. There were several other variations in different colours too (Pics were taken in haste using my phone but you get the idea). I already have a very extensive necklace collection (some would call it an obsession!), so I only bought some of the flowers but just realised that I should have gotten some of the gold rings too as most of mine are silver.

Cheap and easy to match with costumes.

Cheap and easy to match with costumes.

You could use this as a necklace or some serious appliqué for a belt.

You could use this as a necklace or some serious appliqué for a belt.

Gold toned, large rings - bargain.

Gold toned, large rings – bargain.

From memory this was only $4. It kind of has an almost pharonic feel I think , or could work for some tribal fusion outfits.

From memory this was only $4. It kind of has an almost pharonic feel I think , or could work for some tribal fusion outfits.

$6 for 3 rings, I only like 2 of them but hey at this price I am not concerned.

$6 for 3 rings, I only like 2 of them but hey at this price I am not concerned.

$2 AUD (or $3 NZ) for 3 pairs of hoops! These can work for most styles of bellydance.

$2 AUD (or $3 NZ) for 3 pairs of hoops! These can work for most styles of bellydance.

Will go with any silver accented oriental costume. $8 AUD

Will go with any silver accented oriental costume. $8 AUD

These flower clips were only $2! Perfect for old school tribal.

These flower clips were only $2! Perfect for old school tribal.

Jade Belly Dance is in no way associated with k-mart, this is an independent opinion.
What’s your favourite bargain priced costume piece? Please feel free to comment below.

Best stage eye shadow yet! Natural make up review.

I have so many natural cosmetic products I have trialled recently to review but this is one of the most exciting! So much bling!

Today’s review : Inika precious metallics silver collection

Jade Belly Dance Inika Silver Review (3)

(Available as a free gift for a short time when you make other Inika purchases, so now is the time to decide if it is for you!)

As always if you don’t want to read the details, just scroll down to the summary at the bottom for the review in a nutshell.



A fancy black cardboard box with a fabric handle is how this upmarket natural make up product is presented. Gorgeous graphics and design make you feel that maybe spending $85 on eye shadow was not so extravagant after all. But to be fair there is more than eyeshadow in the box. Inside you get your shiny silver make up bag, platinum mineral eye shadow, gun metal mineral eyeshadow, angle brush, shadow brush, certified organic eye liner in graphite and a Berry vegan lip whip. Presentation is excellent.

The 2 included brushes are full size and appear to be decent quality. They are also 2 of the most useful types of brushes to own for applying makeup. If you don’t already have an angle brush and shadow brush then go get some!!!Jade Belly Dance Inika Silver Review (9)


The eyeshadows are in powder form in small 1.2g screw top containers with the usual plastic regulator cap with the little holes that helps you to not spill the lot or overload your brush. Personally i prefer pressed powders as i find them easier to use. I seem to get less fall out on my face when i use them.

With these products you have to be extremely vigilant to avoid getting silver sparkles all over your cheeks. Tapping out any excess on your brush helps as well as tilting your head back a bit when applying. If you apply them to someone else get them to hold a tissue under each eye to catch the pixie dust.

I tried the eyeshadows out not only on myself several times through the last few weeks but on 2 fellow dancers for a performance we did on Sunday. It was a hot sweaty day and my good friend Ash has this amazing ability to absorb all eyeshadow applied before she gets on stage. Not so with these eyeshadows – she still looked made up when we started to strut our stuff.

The platinum eyeshadow could also be used on its own for a dramatic highlight under the brows or in the inner corners of your eye.

The certified organic eyeliner in graphite applies smoothly and comes with a cap that is also a sharpener. This is a nice touch as it sooo annoying not being able to find your sharpener when you are in a hurry. It looks good when used with the 2 eyeshadows however for stage I added black eyeliner for more drama.

The biggest dud in this otherwise decadent package is the lip whip. Lip whip is a fancy term for lip gloss. The shade provided does not work for my complexion at all, even when done up with all the silver eye make up and using an Inika foundation. I think i will give it to my daughter to play with, I don’t really have any use for it at all. I would have been far more impressed with a proper lipstick included.

Due to the highly reflective shine and completely unnatural look, I think these products would be a bit much for most day jobs. They are, however, glorious for stage and night wear. I am in love. My only wish is that this product was cheaper!!

silver eyeshadow close up

The state the eyeshadow was in after wearing it all day and on stage – not bad I think!


INIKA is a luxury natural cosmetics brand. Half of the INIKA product range is Certified Organic, the other half comprises of 100% pure mineral makeup.

According to the wonderful EWG data base the:-

Inika lip whip – berry scores a 1 (ie very low toxicity) with all ingredients being either 2 or 0 in toxicity. For reference everything under a 3 is given a low toxicity rating which means this product is pretty darn safe based on current knowledge.

Inika Gun Metal Eyeshadow also scores a 1 although it had a few more ingredients with 2’s, I have to say I am very impressed by the quality and safety.

Inika Platinum Eyeshadow :1

Inika Eyeliner Graphite:2  Not quite as safe as the other products as it had one ingredient that was considered moderately toxic (TOCOPHERYL ACETATE). Still the overall rating was low toxicity.








Inika certainly sounds committed to providing quality products here are their vows from their website:

  •  No petrochemicals and other synthetic substances
  • Non-organic products of animal origins
  • No talc
  • No fragrances and other colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin
  • Anti-microbial agents not produced from organic sources
  • No chelating agents based on EDTA and its salt
  • No fatty chain source material of petrochemical origin
  • No sulphonation, ethoxylation or propoxylation
  • No alkyl sulphates (eg sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium coco sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate)
  • No alkyl ether sulphates (eg sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate)
  • No polyethylene glycol (PEGS)
  • No polysorbates (eg polysorbate 20)
  • No ethanolamides (eg cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA)
  • No chemically synthesized sunscreens
  • No potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens, sodium benzoate & parfum

My summary: 5/5

Product: Inika precious metallics silver collection

Effectiveness: 4.5 (looses .5 for fall out and because the lip whip is silly)

Packaging: 5

Safety: 5 (pretty outstanding safety considering how well it lasts on stage)

Suitable for day wear: not so much

Suitable for stage: YES!!!!


AUSTRALASIA : $85 AUD online as a set but available as a free gift when you purchase $100 worth of Inika products online, you also get free postage so it’s kind of like a $95 bonus available until the end of March 2013.

AMERICAS:  the package is only $68US with free postage (because you are spending over $50). Makes me want to pretend I am in the US

UK & EUROPE: £45 also with free postage as it is over £32 in value

NEW ZEALAND: $97NZ and free postage as its worth over $60

Where can I buy it: Online for Aussies – click here. For the rest of the world click here

Locals you can also buy it at Kaboodle in Sawtell and Beauty on the Promenade in Coffs Harbour, Studio 287 Coramba and from Millissa Rossow at Moonee Beach.

I have no affiliation with Inika.

Liked this review? Jade publishes natural make up reviews for home use and stage and is passionate about dancers looking fabulous without toxic ingredients.  Follow the blog so you can save money and buy what works best.

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