Jade Belly dance holds classes in the Bellingen, Repton, Bonville and Coffs harbour (NSW, Australia) areas during school terms. Jade is also available for private dance classes by appointment. Jade specialises in almost all styles of Bellydance including tribal but has a particular love of polynesian fusion, zills (finger cymbals) and sword balancing. Don’t worry though, if you are a beginner you don’t need to go near the swords!!

fun with jade belly dance


Energise yourself and dance into the new year exploring the hypnotic beats of the Middle East. Improve self confidence and connect with your body using this ancient form of expression. The class is to continue catering for all levels with additional layers of difficulty added for the more advanced students while still breaking down moves thoroughly for the ultra beginners – suitable for all ages 12 -99!

UPDATE :- February 14 th 2018

Open  Classes – Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm. $80 for the 8 week term or $15 drop in rate per class if there is space available.

Bookings Essential – Classes at my private studio in Repton

Last term the class booked out quickly and had a waiting list, so act quickly.  

Please ring 0266554896 to secure your place and get directions.



Private class available! Easy and affordable to book



  • Shy and prefer private lessons?
  • Only want to learn a specific style or prop like Tribal, Egyptian or Sword?
  • Want to learn a dance with a few select friends?
  • Keen to dance in Repton but busy Wednesdays?


It’s easy to arrange

Ring now! Ph: 66554896


To book a term or workshop for you school please phone 66554896

Belly dance for mothers and daughters

One off workshop with strictly limited numbers, act fast!
Perfect mothers day gift.
Imagine spending joyful time together as mother and daughter. Have a giggle while learning some fun belly dance moves and part of a duet choreography designed especially for mothers and daughters. No dance experience is necessary, just a keenest to learn. Experienced dancers have an advanced version of the dance to learn as an option.
(Grandmothers, sisters, aunt or cousin pairs also welcome!) minimum participant age 6
You get specialist attention in a small class situation where mother and daughter dancers, Jade and Maeve teach a fun and beautiful dance piece entitled ‘Flowers of Mae’, you also get a copy of the music and a written choreography to take home.
Sunday, 15th May 2pm -4:30pm
Tea and coffee and juice provided. Arrive 10 min early to facilitate a timely start.
$50 for each mother and daughter pair.
Classes held in repton at Jades private studio. Bookings essential as numbers are strictly limited. Phone 66554896 to confirm your booking now. Please bring a long full skirt each to swish about and a coin belt each for shimmies. Adult and kids coin belts available for purchase from $10ea (less than half price than what is sold in shops in coffs).
Mother daughter dance ad 1

Jade will continue with private classes and workshops this term. Available by appointment. Jade is happy to tailor a program to suit your level. Whether you are just shy and want to learn a few steps before attending a class or if you are in charge of booking something different for your corporate or school group, Jade can help get everyone up and shimmying to the beat. If you would like to book a private with me, prices are very reasonable. Please email for more information.

Currently, there is a semi private intermediate/advanced performance based class running on Thursdays. If you are enthusiastic and have some background in dance you may audition to join the class PH:0266554896 for details.

Those that want to join the class but need a bit more technical training first, please ring to book into the 4 week crash course on all the basic moves needed to successfully audition.





Dorrigo classes are currently on hold while Jade is at University, if you are keen for them to restart please register your interest by ringing ring 0266554896 or email

Your choice if you want to work with a sword or veil. Term fee will be $120 for the 6 weeks included in the price is your own beginners sword! It is light weight, easy to balance, and won’t cut you. YOU MUST BOOK & PAY AT LEAST 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE TO BE SURE OF HAVING A SWORD. No swords available to borrow for class. Veils available to borrow but it is recommended you bring your own veil so you get use to its unique properties. The kids class will not be working with swords. Please email or ring 0266554896 to secure your place.


Kids Classes -4-4:45 pm, (45mins) –  6 weeks only $50!

Adults Class – 5-6pm,  (60 mins)

SWORD – 6 weeks  plus awesome beginners sword to keep forever $120

BYO SWORD – Got your own sword? 6 weeks tuition only $65

VEIL – 6 weeks tuition only $65


Bookings Essential – Held at the Dorrigo Drama Club

  The plateau has so much talent!!! – so spread the word about how “hip” we all are!!!

Jade Belly Dance girls dance up a storm in Bellingen

Jade Belly Dance girls dance up a storm in Bellingen

(Drop In rates are available for all classes Adults $15 and Children $12 however classes will not run if less than 5 students commit to the term rate. Term rates offer savings of $22 and $30 dollars respectively so are the most cost effective choice – you can miss a class and still be ahead financially. A $5 discount applies to the total term rates where 2 or more dancers are from the same immediate family. )


Let your child learn creative movement with a Middle Eastern dance flavour. With dance, games, rhythm, music and props it is always lots of fun! Jade is certified Active after school coach with the Australian Sports Commission, this involves training as well as assessment as to one’s ability to teach children. Numbers in this class are strictly limited and while we have a few places available, bookings are advised.  Contact Jade at or phone her on 02 66554896.

The video below is a bit of fun. This is a trailer I made of a little bit of footage from one of my kids classes. We only spent a few minutes on the filming (because we had  a class to get on with!), so it is not meant to be a work of art.  It is not meant to be for public comment  (unless you want to say its cute!). I won an ipad2 and thought I would make the kids giggle and feel special, so I have used imovies trailers. The Ha- babies is my little attempt at a bi-lingual pun. Habibi is Arabic for my darling or my love and these are my little darlings that I love! If you want your children to join the fun, come and join our classes!


previous terms included :-

Contact Jade at or phone her on 02 66554896

Jade belly dance childrens classes for primary aged kids

Belly dance Bellydance bellydancing teaching classes Jade

Jade and Students at World Bellydance Day

Belly dance Bellydance bellydancing teaching classes Jade

Teaching kids

Unsolicited quotes from students (and other bellydance teachers) :

Thank YOU for that lovely term of belly dancing. I think you have a natural talent as a teacher. You understand the insecurities involved in doing something new and a bit challenging and you work with those in a kind, understanding and yet encouraging manner. You tune in, you’re thorough, you listen and you adjust. All great qualities in a teacher.

Love Jane

Thanks for an wonderful workshop. Only wish your studio wasn’t so far from me. – Marsha 2016

Finale of Abl Ma Anam!

Finale of Abl Ma Anam!

Heyy Jade,
Thank you for such a great day today at the growers market in bellingen!! I had such a great time and i had so much fun. It was sooooo great to perform today for the very first time ever for belly dancing, i was really really nervous at the start but as the dance went on i got more and more confident and i wish i could do it all over again!!
Soooo thank you soooo much!!
♥ Tahnee

Jade is dedicated to ensuring each dancer works hard to perfect good technique- a good grounding that has all sorts of positive spin-offs.

– Helen

I love your classes, it’s so much fun. And by the way I already LOVE the new dance we’re learning. So sensual
and feminine, that’s what I’m looking for!

-Alice xxx

…thanks for the classes, they were fantastic and very uplifting as a woman.

regards Edweena

Thanks so much for doing this for us. You are a great teacher and I appreciate your patience with me. The video looks great. I will be studying it intensely from now till Sat!! Love Rach

Thank you so much for ordering extra zills, looking forward to learning how to make them sound like chimming bells next term.

I really really enjoy your class, thank you so much for sharing yourself and teaching your passion with us all. Mwa…

Love Jemah

utopian teaching 2011

Heyy Jade,
Thank you for such a great day today at the growers market in Bellingen!! I had such a great time and I had so much fun. It was sooooo great to perform today for the very first time ever for belly dancing, i was really really nervous at the start but as the dance went on i got more and more confident and i wish i could do it all over again!!
Soooo thank you soooo much!!
♥ Tahnee    12th May 2012

Woh! It looks great. It’s great to see what we all look like. Thanks Jade for being such an amazing and very patient teacher!! – comment after youtube posting

Stunning work, ladies! I really enjoyed it and realised how much I’m missing classes. I will be back! –Jen

“When you’re doing what you love it shows in your whole being I reckon! Nice one Jade”

A BIG thank-you to you as without your constant encouragement I may still not of performed. I had a great night and as hard as I find performing I am pleased I am giving it a go. It’s just great to be around such a great bunch of woman and dressing up!! -Rachel

I have had some great feed back on the evening and on how beautifly your class , Deb and yourself dance. Thank you for being part of it. Your girls are a real credit to you. – Many Blessings Kylie

.. I loved your and Deb’s dance, you have such poise and centredness to keep those swords on the whole time… .. very grounded, visually mesmorising.. Love Houda

Belly dance Bellydance bellydancing teaching classes Jade

Pre-Schooler Veils Class! So cute!

Thank-you for being the best bellydance teacher. I have had a ball and just love every minute of it Love and laughter Rach xx

I want to thank you for your great teaching skills and the integrity with which you delivered your classes. – Shekhinah

you’re a great teacher  xx  – Leigh

……..Georgia is loving bellydance. It must be her great teacher!  LOVE Rachel P

You must be the most dedicated dance teacher ever.

Love Lauren x

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for the sword workshop. It was a fantastic well planned workshop. I actually found some of the moves easy to dance with a sword on my head. Thanks for your continued commitment to your students . Love Rach

 Thank you Jacqui for a great workshop. Had loads of fun, it was great to be back dancing. I’m sure my muscles will forgive me in couple of days or so – lol. ♥ ♥ -Helen

I had a wonderful time thanks I really liked it, swords are fun. So worth the two hour drive. 🙂 -Kim

… heard some very glowing reports on your initial session.  Also heard that several of the boys were showing interest in getting involved  -Sounds like it went well.  Great work. – Bruce (Australian Sports Commission)

Our happy faces are a sign that you developed within us, an emotion that you placed in our capable hands and a memory that is the unforgettable. You will always be in our hearts forever and ever, you will always be walking by our sides both physically or emotionally, through good times and through bad!! Jade we can’t wait to see your lovely friendly beautiful face again and give you the biggest hug ever, we will miss you heaps and wish you all the best!! Love always and forever from Chloe && Tahnee xoxoxoxo

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