To keep up to date on belly dance happenings in Australia – Annabella runs this great directory

If you haven’t already found Shira’s website then your not trying!! Seriously though its worth spending some time at the worlds most popular bellydance site. It provides a wealth of information on all things belly dance – go to, make a cuppa and sit back and enjoy. It will take years to get through all this info!

Shira has another site for more voluptuous ladies It has lovely pictures and costuming ideas and proves my point that belly dance is suitable for all shapes and sizes!

Another site that’s useful is , it has song lyrics for some popular songs and interviews with stars but I would not recommend the directory as it only takes paid listings and this is not necessarily going to find you the closest or best instructor for you.

An interesting article on class etiquette can be found here – thankfully I have not run into these issues much in my classes but I have been in classes that have. A good little piece on what is expected.

Keti Sharif has recently moved back to Australia I have heard and she is running 2013’s WAMED festival- her website and products can be found here

If history and authentic costuming  is your thing then you can’t go past the belly dance museum site! So many beautiful pictures and postcards!

If you visit Tasmania then check out what’s happening at Gabby’s belly dance school – she is such a sweet lady and is constantly updating her skills and running fabulous events go to

Other Jade’s

When I first chose to call my school Jade Belly Dance, a search on the net brought up no others. Today though there are other lovely women that have chosen the same name for their schools. In the spirit of sisterhood I have decided to link to them so we can spread the magic of being apart of Jade Belly Dance in all its forms.

First up is Jade Belly Dance of Providence, Rhode Island, US or more specifically their facebook page that cause my students no end of confusion!!! My contact with them has shown them to be polite and friendly and they run classes for all ages too. They speak Spanish and English.

Keep in mind there are a number of performers with the name Jade too, not just dance schools. This is common in Belly dance, there are many Aziza’s, Shoshanna’s and Warda’s for example This can add to the confusion. There is a Jade from Brazil that posts on youtube and another that is American and very friendly. She has a wordpress blog and describes herself – “Jade is a belly dancer in Albuquerque, NM who enjoys spinning poi, hoop dancing and playing clarinet. ”

Do you know other Jade Belly Dance schools or Jade Belly dancers? Please comment below or contact me at I am happy to become a sister school, share links or host or write guest blog posts with them.

Other Links

I haven’t bought from this seller but it looks interesting

Best Source of Belly dance shopping
Custom made Belly dance Costumes and Jewelry

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  1. Jade
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 18:33:29

    Jade is just such a good name! 🙂 I have come across this Jade on the interwebs from time to time:



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