Don’t just call me a dancer!!! by Travers Ross

Don’t just call me a dancer!!!

Our dreams can be such obsessions like a drug addiction or habit. Being an artists in all that I do e.g the dishes, surfing, building, relationships, love makin, brushing my teeth,cooking, conversations and pretty much anything gives me beyond my imagination. Leading with my heart in anything that I do becomes an art, it becomes creative and I have become so much better at everything I do and now I’m not addicted to my art but addicted to life. So you can call me a human being because just being a dancer limits me.

Nice reminder of my discovery a few years ago when I gave dance up and now am dancing/ sharing my heart through my body more beyond then ever, without spending hours on a couple of moves but letting it be the moment!

Are you obsessed too?

Peace love and mungbeans



Thank you to my friend Travers Ross for allowing me to publish his Facebook status update. Travers Ross is an Australian … well I can’t just say dancer, lets go with dancer, choreographer and all around wonderful human being 🙂 He has created some wonderful artistic moments including choreographing for the Australian version of So you think you can dance? and is currently involved in teaching dance , dance as therapy and Boji – a theatre / alternate rock/ dance collaboration.


Do find the term ‘dancer’ limiting? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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