Another free Beats Antique track!

I am sure most of you reading this have started to follow Beats Antique (especially any tribal fusion belly dancers)and get updated when they release a free song but just in case you haven’t – here it is.a3158855137_16

The new Beats Antique single from their upcoming album SHADOWBOX.

They say: “‘Killer Bee’ is about standing up against prejudices. Just because someone calls you a killer bee, doesn’t mean you need to kill. We want people to define themselves and not be defined by what people think they should be. We are also using this as an opportunity to raise awareness about the bee population issues.”

Are you a beats antique fan? Do you still want updates on free music? Please comment below and let me know.




Music Review : Beats Antique A Thousand faces – Act 1

The latest release from Beats Antique is out on the airwaves but is it useful for belly dancers???
beats antique thousand facesI am a big fan of Beats Antique and really enjoy a lot of their stuff. I have posted many times when they have new or free stuff available and encouraged you all to download their music. This new album doesn’t really float my boat though. You can listen for yourself here.

There are some groovy bits but it is so overall discordant and dark that I can’t ever seeing myself dance to any of it. There is one exception in  ‘Veil of Tears’ which is my favourite of the 6 songs. It has a much stronger middle eastern link, zills and vocals and I could relate to it much more on a dance level. Too intense I think for anything but tribal or dark fusion but I predict that this song will be the one that pops up in dancers youtube clips over the next year.

Beats Antique did state that this is a concept album and they have taken some risks. As artists I think that can only be good but I wonder if it will translate into sales for them.

What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Will you buy it? Please comment below.


Free Music Alert – AC/DC Beats Antique release!

Last year in Kempsey, NSW, the Ishtar Goddess girls did a belly dance performance to an ACCA DACCA number (AC/DC). The audience loved it. For those non Aussies that are reading this, AC/DC are a very famous old hard rock band that formed in the 1970’s and became iconic. Even Australians that don’t like AC/DC much are familiar with “Thunder! nah nah nah na nah nah” .

For those about to rock- free download

I personally am not drawn to AC/DC’s music but if you have been considering a hard rock fusion number, performing in a rural area or a pub in Australia, or want to try something really different then perhaps Beats Antique’s remix ‘For those about to Rock’ could be just the number you are after. It’s available for free from their website right now, be quick because the free downloads change regularly.

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