Weekly photo challenge:Kiss

None of these pictures are professional they are just pictures of kisses at Belly Dance events but they are both funny and beautiful. I love all the love that people share during the weeks around St Valentine’s Day!

Crazy belly dance kiss

Back Stage – our drummer is happy he participated!

Belly dance family

Mother and Daughter belly dance

I am so lucky I have a lovely daughter that loves to join in all the dancing. This photo was taken by Sue Easter.

Do you have any photos of a Belly dance kiss? Please comment below and add a picture if you can!

12 Choreographies in 12 months belly dance challenge

First ever performance of our Bellingen River inspired belly dance piece we quickly put together for the Bellingen River Festival. I’m not much at video editing but I did my best and its a pretty clear HD picture. After waiting nearly 12 hours for the silly thing to upload I realised the bit at the start I thought I had cut out was included – opps! Thank you to Tess my gorgeous friend and student- she has only performed a few times before and does a great job. Thanks to Helen for videoing us even though she had never used the camera before – I handed her the camera just before we went on.

Belly Dancers at 2012 Bellinger River Festival

Final pose

I am uploaded this because I said I would be a part of ’12 choreographies in 12 months dance challenge’ started by Kelly Lorraine Garland on facebook. I had had a similar thought to Kelly about a choreography challenge so when I heard about hers , I thought I would join in. I wanted to try and give myself a reason to finish off those half done choreographies, and to have a deadline to make a few new pieces for myself to perform – not just always doing group pieces for students. If you are inspired by the idea, please join us!

The dance is not perfect but I am very happy with it as an ‘outdoors, silk props, new piece’. Hope you enjoy it.

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