August Hafla Pictures

Another fun night was had by Jade Belly Dance members at Sacred lotus’s August Belly Dance Hafla. It was held at Club Coffs (Catholic Club) and people travelled far and wide to dance, including my own dancers that travelled as far as Dundurrabin. There was a diverse mix of acts with Tribal, Gothic, Oriental, Khaleegy, Bellynesian, Baladi all represented and that’s not to mention all the props! Fan veils seemed particularly popular but canes, shamadan, swords, daggers and wings all made appearances. (Click to see larger images)

It was the first time performing on a stage for many of my dancers and they did admirably. The mother’s dance went over a treat. The Dorrigo girls had been rehearsing the number on their own and did soooo well. I had forgotten to go over professional exists though, so they finished and were smiling and hugging each other on stage! It was so cute and their happiness spread out to the audience. I never would have planned an ending like that, but they totally got away with it with their enthusiasm. You just HAD to love them. A bit of glitch happened with our Bellynesian performance though, our dance starts with us on stage in place but the music came on before most of the girls had even set foot on it. I had to run forward and start a shimmy but it put my 2 brand new dancers off a bit to have to run into a dance and they felt disappointed. They did OK though. That’s just performing for you! You have to be ready for anything.

A nice touch was Tarab playing Middle Eastern Rhythms at the half time intermission for people to get up and have a dance to.

As usual with organising students, costume changes, etc. I didn’t get to see all the acts. I really liked the fan veil piece by Bellylicious bellydance and Masana’s group had to get first prize for most original costumes for their Elvin Army piece! Must have taken ages to create them.

Thank you to all the dedicated dancers that performed, to Kylie and her volunteers for putting on a lovely evening,  and to Jamie MacInnes for being a pack horse, photographer and videographer…again! love Jade xxx

Stay tuned! Great posts on:

  • inspirational videos for junior dancers,
  • food for travelling dancers (gluten-free!),
  • free online bellydance classes – which ones are the best and a whole lot more.

Comment below if there is something belly dance related you are dying to read about.

Great Summer dance tip!

I found this little gem in an old newsletter from IAMED. I am giving my belly dance stuff a thorough clean out and it is clearly overdue because this  newsletter was from 2003!!

Try practicing your dancing in the pool! So obvious!!! It’s  a great suggestion for our Aussie summers.

Stand in the shallow end and try out your favourite moves . The resistance will help you strengthen your muscles and it may well help your fluidity and form.

Did water belly dance work for you? Do you have a tip you would like to share? Comment below.

BONUS: Choreography template in word for you to write out your great ideas

Jade Belly Dance with blue silk veil

Working with this vivid blue silk veil always reminds me of flowing water...

Jade Belly Dance Blog wins award!

To celebrate I have added the video feature to my blog – check out this great little Middle Eastern dance vid. Now you can look forward to great dance videos being posted too. I have soo much dance related video footage I need to go through that I was going to wait until I had some ready before I enabled this feature but hey what’s an award without a bit of frivolity to help it along?

It’s always a lovely thing to discover you’re appreciated and I loved finding this little token of appreciation in my inbox! Thank you so much Jewel for your kind words and the Liebster Blog award. Jewel  is quite prolific and has 3 blogs, one on arty things, one on cats ( and one on bellydance,

From what I can work out ‘Liebster’ is German for dearest, beloved or favourite, an award given by bloggers to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers.

Conditions of acceptance are that I have to mention the name of the blogger who has given me the award, leave them a comment, display the award on my blog, and I have to choose 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers to pass the award onto.

So it’s a nice little share the love thing to help spread the word about new things in the blog world. The trouble is, I got this award a few weeks ago and have been trying to find 5 great blogs with less than 200 followers! First how can you tell and second how do you find new blogs? Please comment below to let me know. I have been only able to find really big famous ones, I guess that is why this award was created, we can find them through friend’s sites. I only really followed two blogs before this (the glamorganic goddess – great site for info on natural cosmetics that can be used for stage but way more than 200 followers apparently – I asked!) and the other is my number one recommendation.

1)       Reece Hopkins blog    Reece is one of Australia’s best tap dancers and a pretty smart and thoughtful guy. I really like the blog posts I have read. If you want insight into the life of a professional touring dancer and a male perspective, then this is the place to go.

2)  This goes to my friends Michael and Janie at infotek. The blog is mostly reblogging of articles related to things all website and business owners need to know about. But I would also like to say that these are really genuine people and if you are after a business card designed and want friendly personal service then look them up.

3)  ??? Seriously I haven’t found anyone to nominate – please tell me who you like. I am reserving the next 3 places for a future blog so let the suggestions roll in. – Update -I found another great blog!!! It turns out a great friend of mine has been secretly blogging away for years and I was none the wiser!!! Beautiful music plays when you go there and her thoughts on her life’s journey as a singer / mum of autistic child / belly dancer / student and all around good person are lovely. .

2 More great blogs to find!

playing on the conveyor belt Jade and the Utopian dream choreographers

Backstage utopian dream performance 2011 - Reece is the last man to the right (next to me)

Alright my first attempt at posting a vid – here it goes…

If you didn’t catch it being passed around the net before , here it is a Middle Eastern Flash Mob! Debke , hip hop,  belly dance and all. It is a corporate stunt but it is an original take on the flash mob and I really liked it. Check it out and comment below.

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