Extraordinary photos, tribal belly dance costume inspiration

A super quick link share of some extraordinary photos of indigenous people. I decided to share not only because of the beauty but because the clothing and personal adornments are spectacular and sure to be appreciated by dancers and performers.

Here it is:-

Vanishing Tribes

Gorgeous photography. What did you think? Please comment below.

When to ignore Coco Chanel

She may have been the queen bee of fashion in her time but her famous quote,

“When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” – Coco Chanel

really doesn’t hold well as advice for belly dancers.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel


In fact, I would go as far to recommend most dancers that are starting out in performance to do the exact opposite!!

“When accessorizing for performance, always add at least one more item of fabulousness” – Jade

The reason I say this is because the majority of dancers I see at student Haflas and amateur performance evenings are somewhat underdone.

I certainly was when I started out, I was so clueless that I turned up to my first performance in exactly the outfit the teacher said – without any make- up, jewellery or accessories!

When I started looking at photos of myself performing I began to notice the difference between what I looked like and what the pros look like and accessories were a big part of what was missing.

We are accustom to seeing ourselves in our every day street wear and stage make-up and jewellery can look so over the top. There is a tendency to put something on, then think you look silly, and do Coco Chanel and take it back off again. I think the biggest classic is to do nothing with your hair and make it look like the costuming ends at the neck. This is easily fixed with a little flower, scarf or some of the endless hair accessories cheaply available on eBay. For tribal I would say add 2 extra accessories! For oriental – if you have a pro costume you will need less but earrings, a ring or 2 and a necklace and bracelet are pretty standard. You don’t want to look like you just chucked your outfit on and ran out of the door.

Rachel brice dvd cover

Rachel Brice – Let’s count the accessories ….

My favourite accessory is almost always a necklace, bold necklaces are my signature look, I am pretty partial to upper arm accessories too and they have the added bonus as being perceived as being exotic.

Yes, there is often 1 or 2 women at an event that have poured half a bottle of eyeliner on their face and worn every item of jewellery in their possession but I find they are the exception not the rule and honestly at least they gave being bold and commanding a try.


What’s your favourite accessory?

Do you agree with Coco?

Please comment below?

Final Days of Awesome $1000 Costume Competition


One of the longest running competitions I have seen for a while is in its final days but its not too late to get your entry in if you act now! You’ve got to be in it to win it!! Ending on Friday is the $100o costume give away. You have to search their full costume pages for the word of the day and submit it to win a $500 costume for you and a $500 costume for your friend/ student/ teacher/ friendly belly dance blogger (hint hint, LOL). They are not mean, the word is usually found in the first few pages. Belly Dance Store stocks a massive range of professional costumes in many sizes. I tried typing in all sort of ridiculous measurements and they always had an option that would fit! That means all of us non standard sized people could actually shop here! So have a quick look now and good luck!

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