Free music for dance cool downs, yoga and meditation!


Another fine musician is giving their music away for free. This time it is Moby with 4hrs of totally free music you can use to help you loosen up those muscles, or unwind from a challenging belly dance class. Moby made it to help him when he needs to do “yoga or sleep or meditate or panic”.



The music is “really quiet: no drums, no vocals, just very slow calm pretty chords and sounds and things”. So if this sounds like something you could use then get downloading dear readers  and chill out.




Yep it can even help you sleep or stress less. Let me know in the comments below if you like it or if it helps you with pre performance jitters.


Free Belly Dance Music

I randomly came across this website offering free mp3 downloads. It has some great Arabic music on the page that’s worth listening too, particularly if you are relatively new to belly dance and haven’t got many Arabic albums in your collection. You can download the songs for free however where they actually got the music from is not mentioned. I suspect it is ripped from youtube clips and possibly without the permission of the artist. You will have to work out the ethics for yourself but if I really like a piece or intend on dancing to it, I always give it my best shot to track down the original music and pay for it. It helps support the artists and it’s hard to be a great dancer without great music to inspire us!!

Here’s the link to mp3truck for your listening pleasure..

Arabic music free

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Another popular post I did on free Arabic Music can be found here

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What do you think about all the free video and music popping up on the web? Ethical or unethical? Comment below.

Free Music Alert – AC/DC Beats Antique release!

Last year in Kempsey, NSW, the Ishtar Goddess girls did a belly dance performance to an ACCA DACCA number (AC/DC). The audience loved it. For those non Aussies that are reading this, AC/DC are a very famous old hard rock band that formed in the 1970’s and became iconic. Even Australians that don’t like AC/DC much are familiar with “Thunder! nah nah nah na nah nah” .

For those about to rock- free download

I personally am not drawn to AC/DC’s music but if you have been considering a hard rock fusion number, performing in a rural area or a pub in Australia, or want to try something really different then perhaps Beats Antique’s remix ‘For those about to Rock’ could be just the number you are after. It’s available for free from their website right now, be quick because the free downloads change regularly.

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