LED Wings – latest belly dance prop craze?

I have not seen them on stage yet but I can imagine these beauties will be everywhere soon.

LED wings!!

Very effective for a dramatic stage performance.

The only limitation is the price, they start  at $270 and range up to $675 – ouch!!


What do you think? Are you going to rush out and buy a pair? If so , post a video of yourself below!!

Dance Inspiration: Beautiful Belly Dance Clip, Art clip and Light Dance

I love it when I can share a dance clip that inspires me.

Here is a piece I just adored, costume, music and movement .

The Belly Dancer is Daria Mitskevich performing at the Gala show of the Ukrainian Cup 2013

Music: A’m Fattech a’Chafet Kawn by Wael Kafoury

Regular readers would know that I recommend looking outside of just the belly dance world for inspiration, so for your viewing pleasure let me show you an artist that creates through movement.

Heather Hansen Emptied Gestures

Also this simple but effective Japanese dance piece combines light and dance. I love it. It is like you can see the energy that is being expressed.

Did you like the dances? Please comment below and tell me what you thought of them. Do you have a favourite inspirational video link you want to share?

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