Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Had to participate in this word press photo challenge! Jade is a shade of green after all.

So may I present my belly dance snap shots in green (+ a couple of photos of me by the talented Leigh Jensen and Bruce Thomas).

Green is also a notoriously difficult colour to get in belly dance costumes and is really hard to accessorise.

Blue seems to be a lot more forgiving when it comes to mixing different shades but I love green so much I just keep trying to find a great green outfit. I am pretty happy with my mostly home-made olive green bellynesian outfit and my new green and black custom made outfit from Egypt that I have yet to wear (the bra getting altered below is part of that ensemble) but my favourite green costume in terms of versatility, comfort, shade of green and price is the beaded green costume that I am wearing in the fairy garden below.

I hadn’t intended on most of the pictures being of meΒ  – but I don’t know many other people that wear green as much as I do!!

What’s your favourite coloured (colored) costume? Have you had trouble finding a look that is just right? Comment below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth in Adversity, Luxor, Egypt.

Lately a lot of people I know have been struggling. Sometimes life throws things your way that can overwhelm you. Obstacles can seem insurmountable. I think it can be the same in life as in dance (belly dance of course πŸ™‚ ). Sometimes one is striving for aΒ  level, a step, a combination, a style that it seems impossible to achieve. Then one day there is a break through – we grow.

Growth in adversity

Palm trees in Egyptian temple, Luxor Egypt.

When I was in Egypt looking at the marvellous temples and edifices, I got fascinated by the plants that managed to survive in such harsh conditions. In the desert, in sites that are heavily trampled by thousands of tourists, a few hardy species hung on to life with an astonishing tenacity.

Even if you are feeling stuck – remember that growth is possible, even if it seems to you that it is against all odds.

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