Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth in Adversity, Luxor, Egypt.

Lately a lot of people I know have been struggling. Sometimes life throws things your way that can overwhelm you. Obstacles can seem insurmountable. I think it can be the same in life as in dance (belly dance of course 🙂 ). Sometimes one is striving for a  level, a step, a combination, a style that it seems impossible to achieve. Then one day there is a break through – we grow.

Growth in adversity

Palm trees in Egyptian temple, Luxor Egypt.

When I was in Egypt looking at the marvellous temples and edifices, I got fascinated by the plants that managed to survive in such harsh conditions. In the desert, in sites that are heavily trampled by thousands of tourists, a few hardy species hung on to life with an astonishing tenacity.

Even if you are feeling stuck – remember that growth is possible, even if it seems to you that it is against all odds.

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