Don’t just call me a dancer!!! by Travers Ross

Don’t just call me a dancer!!!

Our dreams can be such obsessions like a drug addiction or habit. Being an artists in all that I do e.g the dishes, surfing, building, relationships, love makin, brushing my teeth,cooking, conversations and pretty much anything gives me beyond my imagination. Leading with my heart in anything that I do becomes an art, it becomes creative and I have become so much better at everything I do and now I’m not addicted to my art but addicted to life. So you can call me a human being because just being a dancer limits me.

Nice reminder of my discovery a few years ago when I gave dance up and now am dancing/ sharing my heart through my body more beyond then ever, without spending hours on a couple of moves but letting it be the moment!

Are you obsessed too?

Peace love and mungbeans



Thank you to my friend Travers Ross for allowing me to publish his Facebook status update. Travers Ross is an Australian ā€¦ well I can’t just say dancer, lets go with dancer, choreographer and all around wonderful human being šŸ™‚ He has created some wonderful artistic moments including choreographing for the Australian version of So you think you can dance? and is currently involved in teaching dance , dance as therapy and Boji – a theatre / alternate rock/ dance collaboration.


Do find the term ‘dancer’ limiting? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Utopian Dream – What does dance look like when genres combine?

Regular readers know that I have been involved in the wonderful Utopian Dream dance festival again this year. The 2014 one was spectacular.

I am trying to compile some video footage from the week – here is my first offering – the opening night.

Open workshops were held just before the performance and participants went off in male and female groups to create a piece.

The choreographers piece was created the day before, where we gathered at the Julie Ross Dance School in sweltering conditions and co -created a dance piece based on the music mix and concept of Travers Ross. The dancers are from many genres including belly dance (’cause I was in it!), aboriginal, contemporary, hip hop, ballroom, african fusion, cuban salsa and pole dancing.

featuring choreographers – Travers Ross, Jason Winters (& Stephen), Pendu, Jade, Nadiah Idris, Matt Gode, Patric Kuo, Stephen Tannos, Sassy, Christina Monnoron, Steven Donovan, Kathleen Lugnan, Lukas Enciso, Thomas Egan, Craig Monley & Sriani Argaet. (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone).

Dancers and those who dream of dancing, please come and join us in the next Dream…….

For more info on Utopian Dream go to

Don’t miss this! The best dance festival in the world!

Utopian Dream is BACK!

Dance Festival

…….and Jade Belly Dance is happy to be involved again. Actually even if I hadn’t been invited to teach and perform I would go along (although IĀ  am totally thrilled that I am invited to!). In fact the first year I knew about it, that is exactly what I did. I went to the back of each open level class and did the best I could to keep up with Jazz, Argentinean tango, Samba, Contemporary and whatever was going on because the classes were being run by some of the best choreographers and dancers in the world and it was just too good an opportunity to miss. Since then Travers has also introduced some beginners level classes that are open to anyone that always wanted to dance but just hasn’t given it a go til now. There is also the professional level classes and nights loaded with incredible dance performances in many and varied genres.

Ok so may be I am a tiny bit biased about it being the best dance festival in the world. But it is a fantastic dance festival and definitely one of the most friendly and inclusive dance events I have been too.

The festival is run by Travers Ross, his family and friends. Travers is a Coffs boy that has made good on the dance scene. Among many other achievements he was a former choreographer for the Australian version of So you think you can dance? . What I appreciate most about him though is the incredibly supportive and friendly environment he creates and that he chooses to create it back in his home town giving those in regional Australia a unique opportunity. Yep this is one of the few dance festivals that includes things like Belly dance, Bollywood, Pole and Swing along side the usual suspects of Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Ballet.

I aim to write more about this festival in the coming weeks but suffice to say that now is the time to book your holiday to Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia because this is a not to be missed event.

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