I have never seen the splits used in a belly dance show quite to this extent!

Got 40 seconds of choreography you need to fill?

I would never have thought of this đŸ™‚

I have some exciting new plans for this blog including a gift for you my lovely readers coming soon- stay tuned! In my research for my upcoming plans, I came across this belly dance video. I have no idea of who the dancer is (if you know please comment below), and she is an attractive lass and very flexible but that is maybe a little excessive use of the splits. What do you think?

UPDATE! – It’s Didem of course! thank you to the 2 readers that let me know. I feel rather silly as I have watched Didem up close and live at Sultana’s nightclub in Istanbul and I just didn’t recognise her in this. This is not my favourite of her performances because I normally find her quite a strong layering and technical dancer and I don’t think this piece showed off her talents enough. Generally speaking I quite like her work. For me it was an over emphasis on her looks and flexibility and not enough ‘belly dance’, but I also respect each persons right to dance however feels right for them.



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