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For Belly Dance related Jokes, Colouring in (color -in if your American!), Find-a word and crossword puzzles suitable for children, see below and have some fun!


Q: What do you call a belly dancer with a sword?

A: A veiled threat.

Q: What kind of crowds do belly dancers hang out in?

A: Hip circles!

Print out this picture for a beautiful and detailed colouring picture of Jade.

Jade, black and white image colouring in. Detailed colour in belly dancer. Color in Coloring in Belly dance, bellydance

Double click and hit print to colour in this picture of Jade!

Q: Why did the belly dancer cross the road?

A: She heard there were costumes on the other side.

Q: Where can you go to learn how to belly dance?

A: To a navel academy.

Click the link below to do a fun belly dance inspired word search puzzle – answers can be found in all directions. Have fun!

Belly Dance Find a Word puzzle !

Jade’s Belly Dance Word Search word version

Having trouble finding a few words? Here are the answers for you..

Answers to Jade’s Belly Dance find a word


These 2 were posted by Duvet on  the belly dance Forum. A shamadan is like a candelabra a dancer wears on her head while dancing.

A dancer who lost it on stage
Stormed off and flew into a rage
She swore like a gunner;
Threw props at the drummer.
They now keep her locked in a cage!

A performer of Danse Oriental
Decided that props were essential.
But a cane and a fan,
With a lit shamadan,
Just made everyone think she was mental.

jamie belly dance sword colour in

Jamie male belly dance sword colour in

Double click the picture then print!

Need a bigger challenge? Try Jade’s Belly Dance Crossword puzzle!

Jade’s pdf bellydance crossword

Not sure if you got it all right – check here!  Jade’s pdf answers to belly dance crossword

Interested in Egypt? Here is a quick crossword based on ancient Egypt to test your knowledge!

Ancient Egytpian Crosssword

Want to know if you got all the answers? Check here to see..

Ancient Egyptian Crossword Answers

To go with your Egyptian Quiz – how about this colouring in picture of a camel I rode through the desert in Egypt – Do you know what World Heritage Monument is behind the camel? Hint: It is the last remaining wonder of the Ancient World!

Sitting Camel - Belly Dance Colouring In picture

Sitting Camel – Belly Dance Colouring In picture

Note: all material copyright of jade belly dance for the purpose of private use. If you would like to use material for your website or dance studio please contact Jade at or phone her on 02 66554896 to ask for permission.

Want to see the pyramids? Here’s the best way I know of short of getting on a plane (and it is worth the trip) – cut and paste this link into your browser for the most amazing 3d tour of the pyramids. Its almost like being there but without the heat!

Repton School Bellingen Show Performance

Some of my beautiful dancers before their debut performance at the Bellingen Show

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