Happy Mother’s Day to all my belly dance friends!

It is a beautiful thing to be able to belly dance with friends and an absolute joy to dance with family. Hope your Mothers Day was wonderful.

bellydancers, mum marguerite hackett, with jacqui & baby maeve forest, l jensen

3 generations of dancers! An old picture but a good one. Happy Mothers day everyone 🙂 Photo by L. Jensen.

Mother’s Day Ideas

A Unique Mothers Day

Is Mother’s Day a remnant of ancient Goddess festivities, a new take on the Christian ‘Mothering Sunday’ or a based on the American Anna Jarvis’s day to honour your mother??? Whatever your sentiments about its origins it is doubtful that any of the originators envisaged the fluffy slipper and chocolates that have become iconic in the catalogues of today. In fact, Anna Jarvis whom actually trademarked the day in 1912, later campaigned against the rampant commercialisation of the event.

These days it is expected in most households to get your mum a gift and really why not? Mothers tend to do a lot of menial and thankless tasks from changing nappies to scrubbing the bathtub and doing the laundry. According to a 2009 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, despite an ongoing trend towards equality, on average women still do 66% of all household chores.(1) So a token of appreciation is still a nice touch but the key is to make it something meaningful .

Happy Mother's Day Belly Dancers

Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters and Belly Dancers! Jade, her mum and her daughter.

So what can you do to personalise Mother’s Day? Here are a few ideas:-

  1. Make your own greeting card
  2. Write a personal letter or poem “She is a glittering moon to guide me, I love her dearly” as written in a poem by my son will always mean more than any hallmark card!
  3. Do something that will make her day easier, like help weed the garden, or cook a meal
  4. Give her a hug!!!
  5. Either make your own gift or get a gift that is thoughtful and unique

Flowers are glorious but only last a few days, and a gift that leaves a lasting impression is always a good bet. How about something that helps improve fitness, improves self-esteem, improves co-ordination, is suitable for all ages and sizes, involves dressing up and looking fabulous and is fun??  Jade Belly Dance is offering a special MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL, a gift voucher for 4 classes plus a FREE hip scarf so you have something sparkling to give her on the day -for only $40 (that’s a saving of more than $18)! Even better, you can try it out with your mother! Hurry as this deal is only available until Mother’s Day. Jade Belly Dance runs adult classes in Bellingen Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm Uniting Church Hall and in Repton on Thursdays 5-6pm and children’s classes in Bellingen on Mondays 4:10-4:55 St Andrews Church ph 66554896 for more info or go to http://www.jadebellydance.com.  Whatever gift you give, make it something thoughtful and have a beautiful day with your mum.


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