Free Belly Dance Magazine articles. A blast from the past with ‘The best of Habibi’.

I recently came across this fantastic belly dance resource. The best of habibi contains 260 articles from the Californian belly dance magazine “Habibi” that was published from 1992 to 2002. I have only had time to read 2 articles so far and found them of high quality and very informative.Habibi magazine

Best of all – it is totally free to read.


Have you read Habibi magazine before? Do you know of any other great resources like this one? Please comment below.


WIN a quality Belly Dance COSTUME OR DARABUKA!

WIN WIN WIN a quality BELLY DANCE COSTUME OR DARABUKA as part of Soul Dance Tours  “EGYPT-NOW OR NEVER” Facebook Promotion.

Belly Dance prizes

Soul Dance Tours are amazing!!


And for those in a position to up and GO – check out this trip at an all time low price less than it was ten years ago!

I went on this tour and it was incredible. One of the best experiences of my life. That price is in AUD – and yes dancers, drummers and just ordinary folk from any country can go on the tour (although the win a costume or drum bit is only for aussies).

It includes regular things like accommodation and sightseeing plus dance classes  (see soul dance website for exact details).

Tourism is way down in Egypt so you have many of the once crowded tourist hotspots to yourself. Perfect for photos. Margaret that runs these tours just got back from 9 weeks in Egypt and tells me it is perfectly safe. Even better – I am trying to sort out my travel plans to meet up with this tour and say hello for a few days.

jade Egypt pyramids

Me on a Soul Dance Tour of Egypt. Buy a costume, ride on a camel into the desert and get your photo taken in front of the pyramids. – Yeah you don’t that on a regular tour!

Jade Egypt dancing

Not a great shot but here is me with Khariya Maazin – last of the ghawazee dancers – just after our dance class with her.

Want to win a Hallah Moustafa costume? This raffle is not to be missed!

Dear belly dance enthusiasts – here is an incredible opportunity to help animals in Egypt and have a chance to win incredibly awesome prizes!


  • 1 x Hallah Moustafa 2 piece costume (valued at $700 USD)
  • 1 x Hallah Moustafa Assuit dressed (valued at $200 USD)
  • 1 x “Fifi Galabeya” created by one of Cairo’s newest and exciting ateliers Sagaat Belly dance Costumes!!! 
  • Hathor Dance Studio 4 DVD Pack (quality Australian belly dance DVD’s)
  • Iman Zaki accessories
  • Folkloric Jewels (works for tribal costumes too!)

The raffle is to raise funds for the Touch of Life (no-kill shelter) in Egypt. 
Since the revolution the situation has become even worse for all animals in Egypt and they need all the help we can give them. ToL works tirelessly to help but are limited by space and funds….

Touch of Life is a Registered Charity Organization Established by a Board of Humanitarians
Presided and Managed by a French Expat who; was especially horrified by the miserable state in which animals had to live in Egypt.

After years of rescue and providing relief to tortured, or animals in need, it became obvious that in order to continue, and to make a significant difference in animal welfare, they would need to establish this organization with aim to increase their reaching capacity, scoop and complete our mission.

TOL care for a number of Blind , Deaf, Handicapped or Amputated…or Special Cases of strays and some breeds who were thrown in the streets with no chance of survival.

Sinbad - a horse recently rescued by ToL

Sinbad – a horse recently rescued by ToL

Rescued Cats

Rescued Cats

The organization is not funded by any governmental agency or charitable group and depend solely upon donations, sponsorships and it is currently funded through loans from the founders in Egypt, animals are suffering…

Caroline Evanoff (ex Sydney dancer) now residing in Egypt, volunteers much of her time in rescue and on going care for the animals at TOL. You can find out more about this organisation in this blog post.

Please consider buying some raffle tickets to help this much needed cause.


$5 for 1 ticket

$10 for 3 tickets

$20 for 8 tickets

Winners will be drawn 19th Dec 2013

Purchase tickets through Jrisi and Hathor Dance Studio – Sydney, Australia, if you are in Sydney otherwise Interstate people can also purchase tickets and pay directly by Direct Deposit to Caroline Evanoff. (you can friend her on Facebook!)

Please note: This raffle is currently only open to Australian residents. Also any interstate winners will need to pay for postage. This is a fundraiser after all.

However if you are one of my international readers you can still help the animals of Egypt by donating to the cause anyway. Check out these other great prizes! I want them all!

The Facebook page for this raffle can be found here.

I bought tickets – will you? What prize do you most wish you could win out of what is on offer ? Please comment below.

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