10 reasons to make a tribal bra with Jade!

Hi Beautiful Dancers and Interested people!

I will be conducting a tribal bra making workshop very, very soon but just wanted to give you the heads up so that if you are interested you can gather your supplies at your convenience.

10 reasons why you should come along

  1. Get to see cool ethnic accessories not available locally.
  2. Get to hang out with Jade!!
  3. If you ever want to perform or think you may possibly want to perform in the future – you need something cool to wear (highly recommended to all dancers in adult classes).
  4. If you never want to perform but want to look awesome in class or at a costume party
  5. Get experienced advice on bra decoration and alteration for dance and how to best compliment your figure.
  6. It’s free!
  7. Get instant bust – lol – tribal bras can give you that little bit extra profile which helps balance out awesome hip decorations.
  8. Get to buy  authentic coins, bits and pieces at prices similar or cheaper than ebay
  9. Making an original art piece to perform in is easier than you think and quite quick.
  10. Get great inspirational ideas!


  1. Get to see my new bathroom renovations….
Bellydancers at the beach woolgoolga

Jade and Ashwara show off their hand made tribal bras

What you need to bring–

A Bra  – in a size that fits you! If you don’t bring one you can’t do it! Try on any that could be suitable – I have managed to make bras from a 10a to a 12 c fit me for the purposes of dance. Make sure they don’t gape as that’s annoying to try and fix .You can go bigger if you like and pad it out- just make sure it doesn’t gape. Most important thing is that it has shape –it needs to be breast shaped when it’s not on so that when you decorate it, it doesn’t collapse under the weight or sag (not attractive!). Op Shops are awesome for this purchase – cheap and if you want to do the complete alteration then you will chop off the elastic at the back anyway so it can be a bit worn and no one will ever know. By all means, get a brand newie if you would prefer. Many dancers like push –up bras which are fine too. Oh, I don’t recommend skimpy bras. You don’t want to fall out of it while dancing and you don’t want to feel embarrassed that you are showing more than you intended. You want to feel secure and confident.

All those that think they may want to perform with me in this costume need to keep the following in mind – you will have to buy some silver coloured REAL coins probably at least $5 dollars worth – we need to have something in common with each bra. I will have some for sale on the day .

Silver is the theme, bring accessories in silver or add whatever other colours you want. Keep in mind what skirts you have and will want to wear with it and what belts you have to co-ordinate. A predominantly silver and black bra would make good sense in that it will go with everything, but colour is so nice I always use it! You will need a small amount of background fabric to cover the bras if you do not like the existing colour or don’t want to cover the entire cup with decorations. For busty ladies, consider a nice bit of embroidered or interesting fabric with a row of coins and a few chains. For smaller ladies – think fringing, and lots of accessories. You need not panic too much or spend much money; you will be surprised in what you may already have at home. I have used broken bits off bags, odd earrings and curtain tie backs for example (see picture). If it’s pretty put it aside in a basket and bring it along, people can swap bits and bobs too on the day. Think necklaces you don’t wear much – ask friends too – so many people have a stash of lost earrings and broken bits of jewelery they have been meaning to fix.

Needles and thread, scissors

Some money for all the nice things for sale –

What I will have for sale on the day –

  • I have purchased a great black bra in a 12 E from the op shop perfect for alteration–as I know these aren’t easily found in this size second hand, so first in that wants it gets it $3 only. (Clearly I won’t ever have a use for it!!).
  • Real tribal coins ready to be sewn on
  • Cowry shells also ready for sewing
  • Decorative chain – really hard to get – I have been trying for years!
  • Embroidered pillow slips (good for fabric cover)- cream base colour
  • Fringing in pale olive, aqua and maroon.
  • A few random kuchi accessories
  • Piece of mirrored  decorative strip in orange – very nice 1m only
  • Gorgeous silk veils
  • Harem pants in chiffon
  • Coin belts – various colours and styles – some I brought back from Egypt
  • Accent scarves
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Silver tribal bits
  • And other cool stuff

You are not expected to buy anything unless you are a regular dancer in which case you will need $5 or a bit more for coins depending on how busty you are and how many you want in your design. I am just raiding my private stash of goodies to give you access to items you can’t buy locally. So you if you have needles and thread and interesting bits of stuff from home– you could make something awesome for less than $10 (that’s how much the bra in the pic cost me to make)

Belly dancer with flowers, soft tribal look

Jade in blue

Love Jade


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  1. Wanda
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 08:38:11

    Hi jadebellydance, Well put together blog. I will post a link on my tumblr page.



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