Belly Dance Reality TV

Have you seen the latest episode of Belly Dance reality TV? Last year Michelle Joyce and Lotus Niraja brought all the thrills and spills of a reality show to our beloved dance and the internet. It was successful enough they did it again this year. Episode 3 for season 2 is just about to hit the web (oct 24th or more like oct 25th for us Aussies!). If you haven’t heard of the show or just forgot to tune in don’t despair because you can still access all the episodes from both seasons and now is a good time to tune in because there is still plenty of time left for you to participate and vote for your favourite finalist .

 Q: I hate American reality TV, is it honestly worth watching?


I recommend it to all serious belly dancers and keen students (I have no affiliation with cheeky girls nor am not getting paid to say this). Yes the format can rub a bit with the cheesy American voiceovers but that is part and parcel of reality TV.

The dancing is generally excellent and while the contestants get put through a range of challenges, they are not designed to make each other tear each other apart so it’s a bit nicer than standard reality fodder. The challenges are very industry appropriate; music, improvisational skills, instructing skills, performance and costuming skills – these are topics that belly dancers need to master if they are to become successful dancers. You can learn a lot by how the contestants face each obstacle.

Even though it is advertised as ‘the search for America’s next top belly dancer’, there have been international contestants in both seasons (YAY!).

They are competing for awesome prizes so they are bringing their A game.

1 – a starring role in a Cheeky Girls Productions instructional DVD.
2 – be mentored by (and travel with) Aziza on her international workshop tour.
3 – be a judge and workshop instructor at The Belly Dance Nationals.
4 – a free ticket to Cheeky Girls Go Camping as well as a workshop instructor position
5 – A free costume from Maz Couture

Check out the show here. So are you a fan of the show? What do you think about competitions in belly dance? Comment below.

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  1. Samimi
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 19:46:39

    Those cheesy American voiceovers! 😀
    I LOVE this show!



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