Scholarship for one regional Australian Dancer to Bellydance Evolution!

We have some exciting news….Bellydance Evolution in Oz would like to offer 1 SCHOLARSHIP to regional dancers around Australia.


We are happy to be able to offer a full scholarship program where the successful applicant will have access to all workshops, masterclass, Red Carpet Night, Theatre Show and sit through rehearsals to see how Jillina works!

This scholarship is open for dancers who live 125km from any Australian capital city. For more information and application please PM or email on

Please share this with dancers in your networks.

Are you going to apply? Please comment below.

Discount on fast, easy photo retouching

Got some great photos of yourself, fellow belly dancers or students that are pretty good but could do with a bit of work?

It all can be done using photo programs like photoshop etc but you need a fair amount of time per photo and quite a lot of knowledge on how to use the program.portrait pro logo

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon Portrait Professional. You can download a free trial for either Mac or PC and see what it does for yourself but what I like about it is that it is dead easy and fast.

Before Portrait Pro


So part of the reason that I haven’t posted much lately is that I have been swapping from PC to Mac and its taking me some time to work out how to do everything the apple way. BUT because I had to re buy the mac version of the program I was left with this little coupon. I don’t get any advantages from telling you but if you like the program you may as well get the discount!

“Give your friends the coupon below (which they need to enter in the coupon box at the bottom of the buy page) and they can save 15% off the cost of any edition of Portrait Professional. ”

After using portrait pro


I prepared a much more obvious example of its use (below) and have struggled for nearly an hour to find where the files were put grrrr (so annoying working out a new system!). I finally succeeded though. In the example above I just rushed through and used the presets. Normally I would use it subtly and just correct a bit of lighting and remove any untimely blemishes . I am not a big fan of it resculpting faces but hey if you are into it then it can do that too.

Original picture - just a casual snap shot at the beach - no portrait pro.

Original picture – just a casual snap shot at the beach – no portrait pro, just a bit of lipstick.

I don’t use it for all my shots. When you have good lighting, make up and a good photographer it is often not necessary but it is nice to tidy up those that are almost a good picture but not quite.

Using Portrait pro for a more natural look. I.e. no face or hair sculpting.

Using Portrait pro for an improved but relatively natural look. I.e. no face or hair sculpting. Basically I fixed the lighting on the face and brightened the eyes and teeth. Photo: R. Conroy

What would have been a good idea to do here is to extend the skin smoothing to the torso as well but I only did the face as I was just doing for an example for this post. All photos took less than 5 minutes to alter – even if you have no background knowledge of how to do it, it is very easy.

Glamorous preset and hair smoothers used form portrait pro. I think it is over done for a beach scene but I did it so you could see the differences.

Glamorous preset, face sculpting and hair smoothers used from portrait pro. I think it is over done for a beach scene but I did it so you could see the differences.

So have a look at the free trial program and see if it is for you. If you like it then use the discount code above and save some money.

What programs do you use for your dance photos? Please comment below with your dance photo related tips or tricks.

Belly Dance Scholarship Alert!

It has come to my attention that there is a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for one dancer (value $490AUD) available at this years wild honey festival in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.Belly dance festival

Wild Honey Events is thrilled to present:


9 – 13 August

Byron Bay, NSW

belly dance tribal fusion

Jill Parker will be presenting at this years wild honey event.

tribal belly dance

Olivia Kissel – teaching in Byron.

You could train with these lovely ladies for free – all you have to do is have the guts to apply!!

But be quick, there is only a few days left to throw your hat into the ring and see if you can win access to the whole workshop series!

Last year I was very lucky to be awarded a gold scholarship to attend the Western Australian Middle Eastern Dance Festival (WAMED). Without it I would never have been able to attend and I am sooo grateful. I loved the workshops and grew so much as a dancer.

I am not associated with the wild honey festival in any way but would love to encourage dancers to apply for the scholarship (particularly if tribal / tribal fusion is your thing). You have to be in it to win it and you never know it could be you.  The scholarship is for a dancer who is disadvantaged and does not have access to training due to financial and/or geographical restrictions. If you do not have all the required paperwork eg tax assessment notice, you may still apply IF you have other documentation to prove your income.

Deadline May 3rd, 2013

There is a scholarship worth $490 available for the whole workshop series – please email Belinda for more details.

Belinda m: 0420 398590

Belly Dance polynesian fusion

Performing Bellynesian at WAMED 2012 thanks to winning a gold scholarship. Photo used with permission of photographer Wayne Eddy.

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