Review honeybee gardens natural eyeshadow


Review honeybee gardens natural eye-shadow
I trialled the colours ‘Princess’ and ‘ Spellbound’ in their eye-shadow range. These are loose powder eyeshadows rather than compressed powder shadows and come in cute clear little screw top lidded circular containers . I will state upfront that I prefer compressed powders – there just seems to a lot less fall out both on your face and bathroom vanity and less chance in over loading your brushes. It would have been better if they had included the little plastic caps with holes that fit to the inside of the container to minimise overloading and to stop you loosing the lot if you bump the container when the lid is off.

Red haired belly dancer close up of eye make up

After the show

Spellbound and Princess are a purple and pink shade – not colours I usually wear on my eyes. The colour selection available includes a lot of pastels and these were the 2 I thought would most likely suit me. The line would probably best suit blondes but I was quite surprised how dark I could get these tones with a repeated application. I trialled them both as day wear and for stage as usual.

Day wear
Apart from fallout onto the cheeks when applying it all went well. I teamed it with grey from another make-up line and it was a very pleasant look. I would use it again.

Stage wear
I felt sure it would be pointless to try them for stage as they were just too pale but I found myself with a gig coming up where I wanted a redder tone so I gave them a go. To my surprise applying spellbound quite heavily brought out a maroon type colour and the shades seem to wear well. (see pic after gig) Mind you I wasn’t under stage lights so they didn’t get a lot of heat. They do have a reasonable amount of iridescence that could potentially add a sparkle under lights. I believe the darker tone, spellbound, could be incorporated into a funky creation so they have some potential for stage make up.Red haired belly dancer close up of eye make up

My summary

(with 5 stars being the best)

Product: Honeybee gardens natural eyeshadow – princess and spellbound

Effectiveness: 3.5

Packaging: 3.5

Safety: 4

Price:  $17.60ea + postage

Suitable for day wear: yes particularly for blondes and those that suit pastel tones

Suitable for stage: Limited – spellbound more usable

Available from: Some health food shops and online at

Overall star rating: 4

Just checked out their website and discovered they have a new compressed powder palette range and some new shades – yay! A bonus with this line is that you can apparently combine with a clear lip gloss and mix your own lippy shades using the eye shadow powder!

Have you tried the lip gloss application? What’s your favourite natural make- up brand? Comment below.

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