Natural make-up review – Nude By Nature Blush

Want to look like a blushing beauty? As promised in my previous review of Nude by Nature cosmetics, here are the results of my trials with the Nude By Nature Virgin Blush.blush1


The loose powder is supplied in a pleasant circular 4 gram container with a brown screw top lid and plastic insert inside to help avoid spillage and over loading your brush i.e. it looks exactly the same as all the other Nude By Nature products which is a problem if you have more than one of their products. It drives you mental trying to work out which one is the blush, bronzer or mineral foundation. The lid only says ‘nude by nature’ on it and many of the products are in exactly the same size container. This means you have to pick them up multiple times to see what you are holding or have a strict order as to how you set them out and pick them up. It is extremely annoying when you are in a hurry. The screw top lid prevents spillage in transport but adds to fiddliness on an everyday application level.nude_logo


Anyone keeping up with my posts on Natural beauty products will realise that I am not a huge ‘Nude By Nature’ fan but I was pleasantly surprised with this product. From the outset I was worried it was a bit orangey looking in the pot. Wearing it however proved that it was quite a decent shade after all. It performed as well as compressed powders and mineral blushes I have used from mainstream brands like Revlon. It has just a touch of sparkle but still looks quite natural.

I just applied a bit more of it when performing and it lasted the distance well. I didn’t accidentally rub it off and it didn’t fade away. Overall, it is suitable for both everyday and performance use.


Using the excellent EWG data base I discovered that all listed ingredients to fall in the low toxicity level (0-3). This is excellent news, the toxicity does increases though if the ingredients are airborne and can be inhaled and with a loose powder this is always a possibility. This was my main concern with the foundation and it remains an issue. The blush is used in lesser quantities and it doesn’t go directly over the nose, so it may not be quite as a serious a concern as it was for the foundation.

My summary: 4/5

Product: Nude By Nature Virgin Blush

Effectiveness: 4

Packaging: 3

Safety: 4

Size: 4grams

Suitable for day wear: yes,

Suitable for stage: yes

Price: $19.95 AUD online individually but considerably cheaper in one of the starter packages or bulk deals.

Where can I buy it: Available at priceline, by phoning Sales: 1300 591 667 and online

I have no affiliation with Nude By Nature.

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OK this post is on Tuesday but I have been busy cyber stalking my photographer from the Sell out concert I held on Saturday!

Sneak peek at the great work Bruce Thomas did at Saturday's concert - now you know why I was so excited!

Sneak peek at the great work Bruce Thomas did at Saturday’s concert – now you know why I was so excited!

Do you have a favourite blush? Do you think the toxicity of blush matters as it is generally not applied directly to naked skin? Please comment below.

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