The best of Jade Belly Dance 2012 – the blog posts that inspired

Ok, Ok, I submit to the constant suggestions of a retrospective, best of 2012 post.

Here are the top belly dance inspired posts of 2012 – be sure to have a read if you missed them!VAK  blog

5 ways to learn choreography faster

This was the post I wrote to consolidate all the tips I have learnt to get choreographies into your brain faster! This is not a skill that comes naturally for me so I have had to work hard at training my brain to remember sequences. I am rather proud of this one as it is information that could help dancers of any style.

Advanced Belly Dance Tip – How to pick a good workshop

When your time and money are limited, you have to be choosy…..

Belly Dance, Bras and Boobs – Is it safe to have your cup runneth over?

Randa Kamel 2

Randa Kamel – action shot with a very perky breast look.

This piece has been wildly popular and I HOPE the reason is due to the survey I ran on preferences between natural looking and squashed breasts, the information I provided regarding the possible increased risk of breast cancer with tighter bras and the 3 tips to love your breasts and your costumes. I hope it’s not just because I included the words ‘boobs’ and ‘belly dance’ in the title. Read it and tell me why you think it has been popular!!

Make-up reviews of products by popular Australian brand ‘Nude by Nature’nude_logo

I am lumping the 2 next most popular posts together as they are critiques on ‘natural’ make up. I am passionate about the ultimate health of dancers and want to support them in finding the best products for stage that won’t compromise their long term health.

Shakti Dance – Belly Dance Fusion Review

This is a style of dance I was not aware of until I visited Bali in 2012. I had a great time and highly recommend it – read on to find out what it was all about and how you can give it a go.


Belly dancing on the coast

Dancing out 2012 on the 12-12-12. No audience, just for fun. Photo: Tammy Mills-Thom

2012 had Jade Belly Dance gain more viewers than ever from 141 countries in all!
Most visitors came from Australia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind however.

Jade Belly Dance blog resolutions for 2013 – to provide more content to help you all on your dance journeys, whatever your level and wherever you live. I take requests!! Tell me what you want to know more about and if I don’t know the answer, I will seek out an expert. Please feel free to comment below. One of my previously requested articles on hints to get the best custom made costumes online has been written and is scheduled for this month (it got pushed back a bit because of some urgent news) – Stay tuned!!!

Belly dance babies

2013 brings new energy and new dancers 🙂

While I am at it I want to thank my top commenters, SamimiIntermittante, Emily, and Jade (not me! Another lovely dancer). Fellow bloggers that let me know that there are real people out there reading my work!! Thank you guys you rock! (or raq 😉 )

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